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About us

As it stands now, ArtPopTart is a one woman show but I'm lucky enough to have the assistance of three cats on a daily basis. I think of them as interns, learning the ways of the art world. They've been very helpful in tasks such as mixing cat hair with paint, stealing paintbrushes and chewing on magazine corners.

Each of my mixed media collage paintings is painstakingly made, each taking from 6 to 20 hours to complete. First, I brainstorm an idea for a silhouette. And by brainstorm, I mean an actual brain storm, sometimes I barely come out of it alive. Then, I draw out the silhouette and attempt to cut it out without cutting off a finger or two. Next I collage the entire canvas with upcycled magazine clippings. Then I place the silhouette on the canvas and paint around it. Sometimes I even sponge on paint to give it a rough badass feel. Next, if I think the piece is good enough to have prints made, I'll scan it in with a high quality but very small scanner. This takes no less than six separate scans, followed by photoshop stitching all the while expanding my curse word vocabulary. Maybe one day I'll employ a patient geek to take over the majority of my cursing. Now that I've divulged my secrets I fully expect you to be swept off your feet. Please feel free to shower me with coffee and compliments.